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Christmas Letter (Rev. Donna Wilson)

Dec 25, 2014

when the tale was told by others,
I was not mentioned –
Like many women and men,
in essential jobs, taken for granted.
But the Eternal One knows.
For our God gave me the gift
to ease the birth.

This lovely little poem is from one of my favourite Christmas books written by Nancy Reeves. It is written in the voice of the midwife who attended the birth of Jesus. It is an imaginary story indeed, but one that resonates. This particular chapter is entitled “Gratitude” and seems right for this year. Third Avenue United Church is in a time of gratitude. We are just ending our first year as tenants in the building. This last year has had its ups and downs, its rocky places and its smooth-going just like any journey does, but, for the most part, we, in this congregation, have much for which we are grateful.

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Christmas Letter from the Board Chair

Dec 2014

Dear friends and family of Third Avenue United Church,
The past year has been our year of revival. After much hard work by the Board, Vision Committee and our staff, and the cooperation of River Bend Presbytery, we have managed to achieve the financial stability that we have so long sought. It has been a long road, but it is not yet the end.

To ensure our future, we must now concentrate on a growth strategy for our congregation and, in doing so, focus on our role as a caring church in our downtown community. And that is my theme for this year’s Christmas letter.

Thanks to the proceeds we have set aside, our Community Fund is an important element of our community commitment and, just as importantly, our engagement with our community.

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